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18K Gold Akoya Pearls Starlit Necklace

Premium Akoya pearl with string of 18K gold chain. Shining bright as if the twinkling stars form the Milky Way. Each pearl is elaborately selected with four different sizes you can choose.
Now €168.66

18K Gold Double-hearts Set Necklace

Hollow prominent double-heart set in white gold or rose gold compose this lux 18K chain necklace.
Now €175.38

18K Gold Multi Beads Pearl Necklace

Seven rose Top-level Akoya Seawater Pearls. Each bead is strictly selected, plumb and glossy. Matched with 18K gold chain.
Now €217.25

18k Gold Twisted Rope Necklace

Our fashionable necklace is made of solid 18k gold. You can also choose the length of the necklece: 40cm, 43cm, 45cm.
Now €99.28

18k White gold Chopin Necklace

This crucifix pendant is made of solid 18k gold, with Jesus in yellow gold and Cross in white gold.
Now €0.00

Sispol Natural Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Our necklace is made of high-quality natural freshwater pearls, with superior round body shape and brilliant lustre. Easily worn day or night, you will love it.
Now €164.32

Wong Ke Tai 18K Gold Double Garnets Necklace

A delicate necklace with a stone pendant trimmed in two tiny garnets. You can choose chain of rose gold or white gold to match the garnets.
Now €116.13

Wavy Lace Choker with Metal Triangle Pendant

A choker of unique design. Double strings. Punk and Gothic.
Now €5.61

Beer Pendant Necklace

Length: 70cm.
Now €4.98

Handmade Ceramic Pendant - Watermelon

Ceramic. The bigger one: 3.3*2*0.3cm; the smaller one: 2.2*1.5*0.2cm. Wax rope as free gift.
Now €8.30

Handmade Ceramic Necklace - Irregular Stone

Ceramic. Diameter: 1~2.5cm.
Now €9.12

Handmade Ceramic Necklace - Little Dolphin

Ceramic. Height: 1.8cm; Length: 3.3cm; Depth: 0.7cm. Chain' length: 40cm.
Now €9.12

Handmade Ceramic Necklace - Polyhedron

Ceramic. Length: 2-2.5cm; Depth: 0.8cm.
Now €6.30

Single-row Pearl Necklace

Freshwater pearl & 925 silver. Pear's diameter: 6~8mm; Necklace's circumference: 47cm.
Now €11.94

Single Pearl Pendant & Silver Chain

Freshwater pearl & silver. Pear's diameter: 8.5~9mm; Necklace's circumference: 45cm.
Now €49.77

Tahiti Black Pearl in Bird Cage Necklace

Natural Tahiti black pearl & 18k gold. Pear's diameter: 10~11mm. Including necklace. Necklace is solid 18k gold.
Now €348.39

RAINK Handmade Onyx and Sardonyx Open Necklace - Originality

Brass Wire & China Knot Cord & Onyx & Sardonyx. Onyx: 16mm. Sardonyx: 12mm.
Now €16.59

Haute Handicraft Sakura Necklace - Petal

Arylic Resin Flower & Gold-plated Copper.
Now €33.84

La Habana Girl Haute Handicraft Crystal Sakura Necklace - Violet

Arylic Resin Flower & Gold-plated Copper & Swarovski Crystal. Necklace's Circumference: 70cm.
Now €34.01
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